Ultimate academic and socio-emotional enrichment

For grades 2 - 7, we offer various opportunities throughout the camp day for our campers to explore, learn, and grow to become a well-rounded individual. Our academic and socio-emotional classes will not only help students to build positive self-concepts but also close any gaps so our campers are well prepared to meet Common Core standards in the next academic year.


Struggling to get your child to read during the summer? The Camp THRIVE program will have your child reading wholesome and inspiring texts everyday (including excerpts and stories from Chicken Soup for the Soul and 7 Habits for Highly Effective Teens) that will contribute to his or her overall personal growth. In addition, Camp THRIVE allots class time specifically for helping your child with summer homework assignments (book reading, reports, and so on). 


Students will be challenged and invited to write critically about topics that allow them to both express themselves, and communicate valuable life lessons that they are learning at camp. 


Summertime is the perfect time to help boost foundational mathematical skills that your student needs to feel confident in the subject as they move on to higher and higher grade levels.


In response to parent interest, the Camp THRIVE team has included public speaking as part of the summer class curriculum. Students will have the opportunity to write and give speeches about important topics like health, personal values and growth. 


Based on principles of positive psychology, students will be encouraged to grow into leaders in their classrooms, schools and communities. 


"THRIVE Time' classes have been built into our summer program as a time for fun, and a time to develop problem solving skills in a group. Students will complete challenging group activities that encourage them to work as a team and think critically to solve a problem. 


Every morning during Camp THRIVE, students will gather for a 30-minute morning mindfulness meeting. This will help the students focus their energy and prepare mentally for learning and growing throughout the day. 


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